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Disabilities in Film and Television

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I don’t know about you but I am thrilled to see the growing number of television shows that include individuals with visible and indivisible disabilities. Now don’t get me wrong, there is still a lot of work to be done but I for one am a fan of exposure as a way to start the conversation. Now, I’m going to show my age a bit here but do you remember Life Goes On? I remember watching that show with my mother and as I reflect back, that must have been the catalyst for my interest and passion toward being a part of the change that creates inclusion in all communities. Film and television are two very influential and possible agents of change available today and I thought that I would take a moment to share some of my favorite films and television programs that include individuals with disabilities:

Atypical (Netflix)

Born This Way (A&E)

Speechless (ABC)

Switched at Birth (FreeForm)


Butterflies are Free (1972)

Temple Grandin (2010)

I hope that this short list has you thinking about some of your favorites and that you will share those with us. Please feel free to share some of your least favorites as well and let us know why.

Top Ten Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Babcock Center

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  1. Like us on Facebook
  2. Welcome Mr. ThoydWarren as our new President/CEO
  3. Set up a time to volunteer at one of our programs
  4. Share our holiday photos and videos on Facebook
  5. Join our Instagram Story and follow along
  6. Finish your Christmas shopping using Amazon Smile. Click here
  7. Purchase your Official City Ornament here
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  9. Keep checking our website, Twitter, and Facebook for some exciting new videos, games, and information.
  10. Most importantly, be kind to each!! Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!

Top Ten Holiday Light Disaplays around Columbia

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It’s Top Ten Tuesday again and this week we wanted to bring some holiday joy. I hope you will join us and share your creative displays or favorite lights from around town.

Top Ten Holiday Light Displays around Columbia!! Feel free to show us your holiday decorations!

  1. This year, The Vista will display more than 25,000 lights. Stop at one of the local eateries and grab something to eat and a warm drink while you take a stroll through the beautiful lights.
  2. Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens are all ready for the holiday season and open 5-9 (there is a small fee for admission).
  3. Saluda Shoals Park offers the largest drive through lights in the Midlands. You can stay in the warm car while you travel through the Lights on the River.
  4. Feel like braving the cold, Saluda Shoals also offers a Choo-Choo through the lights.
  5. Sumter Swan Lake Fantasy Lights check out the details at
  6. Christmas in Cayce – lots to choose from this year, check out for more information.
  7. How about a lovely Carriage Ride through Robert Mills Historic District?
  8. Greater Cayce-West Columbia Holiday Parade of Lights is really going to get the party started. Check out the website for full details
  9. Riverfront Park Winter Solstice Celebration go to for information.

10. Last on the list may not be a light show but it’s a great way to celebrate and support the holiday spirit! Decorate your tree with the Official City Ornament brought to you by the Babcock Center Foundation. Purchase online at or phone at 803-799-1970

Main Street

Top Ten Tuesday

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Top Ten Characteristics of an Inclusive Community:


  1. Acknowledged need and beginning discussions toward change
  2. Accessible to all individuals, groups, and institutions
  3. Leader engagement 
  4. Active community council
  5. Diverse representation
  6. Opportunities to share experiences
  7. Spotlight assets
  8. Spotlight successful actions
  9. Strong support from businesses and institutions
  10. Continued growth and sustained relationships through change

Top Ten Myths About Hiring Individuals with Disabilities

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Individuals with disabilities represent an untapped talent pool for businesses, here are a list of myths we often hear. What are some that we missed?

  1. People with disabilities will have trouble getting to work
  2. People with disabilities don’t have the skills for business
  3. People with disabilities will not meet performance standards
  4. Hiring persons with disabilities requires costly supports
  5. Persons with disability miss a lot of work
  6. Persons with lifelong disabilities must be protedted from failure
  7. It is time-consuming and difficult to find information about hiring individuals with disabilities
  8. Workers compensation rates increase when higheriing individuals with disabilities
  9. You can not fire or take disiplinary action against an employee with a disability
  10. Individuals with disabilitiesa are inspirational and brave to seek employment