Residential Supports
Babcock Center is the largest private provider of residential services for people with disabilities inĀ  South Carolina. More than 500 individuals receive residential services through supervised independent living programs, community training homes and community residences.

Supervised living programs serve adults capable of independence. Individuals live in apartments, duplexes and other housing. Supervision and support services are provided according to individual need. Community training homes offer a home like environment with the supervision of a trained caregiver. Community residences resemble single family homes in local neighborhoods. They provide 24-hour care, supervision, counseling, recreation and other activities.

Day Supports and Services

The Babcock Center Day Supports and Services include Vocational Supports and Supported Employment. Supported Employment services provide opportunities for employment and on-the-job training. These services also develop related skills such as money management, use of public transportation and social development. Center-based vocational services develop employment, social and personal care skills.

Respite Supports

Respite services are provided to participants enrolled in the MR/RD, HASCII or Community Supports Waivers who are unable to care for themselves; furnished on a short-term basis because of the absence or need for relief of those persons normally providing the care. Previously termed Respite Caregivers, Household Employees are considered employees of the person or family to who respite services are provided.

WOW: “Welcome On Weekends” – Weekend Activities

March through August of 2011, The Babcock Center is providing support and fun activities on Saturdays and Sundays to adults and children with special needs. You may qualify for free caregiver relief through SCDDSN. If interested, please call the R/LDSNB @ 252-5179 for terms and to complete an assessment.

Industrial Services

The Babcock Center Industrial Services (IS) division helps adults with developmental disabilities enter into the work force, effectively providing a previously untapped source of labor for the business community. The IS Program provides in-house contracted tasks such as sorting, collating, bulk mailing, groundskeeping, janitorial maintenance, and the assembly of a variety of industrial products. Job Training and Placement Services places our workers in competitive employment in the community. On site job coaches provide free on the job training for individuals that are placed on the job.


Babcock Center also provides transportation to employment, center-based programs, medical appointments and community activities. Transportation services are provided to more than 500 individuals by a fleet of 135 vehicles.